Pardon My Fro Cares


Pardon My Fro x FLPR x Women Rising

Pardon My Fro’s generous donation of blankets contributed to personal care packages First and Last PR created for women and families in need at Women Rising Inc on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, 2023.

The community-based organization assists women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive, and fulfilling lives, through social services, economic development, and advocacy services.


Pardon My Fro x Bethany Baptist Church

Utilizing and sharing the success and knowledge of Pardon My Fro to lift up, guide, mentor and fund an entrepreneur’s start up or existing Brooklyn brand to help get your brand to the next level of success.

The Soup Doula received $10,000 to be used towards their business and access to the Pardon My Fro business network.


Detroit Rescue Mission, the Forbes Foundation, and our phenomenal blanket collaborator — Wynn to create the Wynn Blanket.
Pardon My Fro is excited to present a fellowship offering to the community of Bethany Baptist Church / Bethany Nation.
Pardon My Fro is a participant in Walmart Start, the accelerator program focused on finding the next big names in beauty. Walmart has stated it aims to identify brands through the program that fill gaps in the market with their prices or innovations.
My vision is to offer women like me products in which they can literally see themselves,” says Dana. “I started Pardon My Fro to celebrate women. The women in my designs represent living life on your own terms and doing it with remarkable style.
From the "Wynn" design, 100% of net proceeds will be donated to Black Veterans for Social Justice Inc. a non-profit, community-based organization serving veterans, their families and members of the community in New York City since 1979.

Pardon My Fro x Detroit Rescue Mission

Fellowship, collaboration, service, and boldness in community.

Pardon My Fro partnered with Detroit Rescue Mission, the Forbes Foundation, and our phenomenal blanket collaborator — Wynn Wesley to make this possible.

Seeing our Wynn design fleece throw in the kid’s rooms in the shelter was everything.

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Pardon My Fro Partners With Horizon Beauty Group, Gears Up To Launch At Walmart

Pardon My Fro To Debut First Haircare Line Through Walmart’s Accelerator Program

MAY 2022

Pardon My Fro x Meest-America, Inc. Ukraine Relief

Pardon My Fro's generous donation of blankets is bringing much-needed relief and comfort to the people of Ukraine, in support of Meest America's mission to provide aid and support.


Black Veterans For Social Justic x NY Knick Obi Toppin

Pardon My Fro and NY Knicks player Obi Toppin have partnered to generously donate $15,000 each, in support of the Black Veterans of Social Justice.