Pardon My Fro To Debut First Haircare Line Through Walmart’s Accelerator Program

Pardon My Fro To Debut First Haircare Line Through Walmart’s Accelerator Program

Author: Article reposted with permission from Black Enterprise


Dany Bly‘s Pardon My Fro lifestyle brand is unapologetically afro obsessed. Featuring the entrepreneur’s stunning illustrations and designs, the expanding brand not only celebrates Bly’s natural self, but that of all Black women.

The designer and illustrator is currently gearing up for the 2023 launch of her new haircare line at up to 3,500 Walmart locations. Pardon My Fro’s hair care products, adorned in lime green packaging and images showcasing Bly’s signature illustrations of Black hairstyles, will make their grand debut on Walmart shelves and online in the upcoming months.

Pardon My Fro was “built on having an unapologetic attitude and it’s reflected in each and every product we create,” Bly tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.

The latest products are personally curated by Bly, including the citric fragrance that resembles the essence of lime green and exudes freshness. With prices ranging from $15 to $17, the haircare line consists of Moisturizing Hair Milk, Curl Enhance Conditioner, Detangler Leave-In Conditioner, Edge Slayer, Mousse, and Growth Oil.

The opportunity was presented to Bly when she was selected to participate in Walmart Start, an accelerator program focused on setting up small beauty brands for success by giving them a chance to display products on Walmart shelves. Through the program, the entrepreneur will gain invaluable tools for her brand like virtual classes, professional mentorships, and activation support.

“Being chosen to be one of the five brands out of hundreds to display our new haircare line is life changing. Amazing resources and educational classes are available to us to keep on track for success,” Bly tells BLACK ENTERPRISE.


Bly, however, is no stranger to glowing up her business from a brand of chic home decor, accessories, and clothing to a haircare line that screams pride and self-care.

Despite haircare not being on her radar, the brand’s name speaks for itself. Before Pardon My Fro became the top-selling African American brand on the Home Shopping Television Network, Bly was approached by beauty distributor Horizon Beauty Group about investing in her brand and launching hair care products. By this time, the pandemic had forced people inside their homes to self-maintain haircare.

Now owning 51% ownership of Pardon My Fro, Bly continues to see the fruits of living unapologetically Black with an unapologetic attitude. Her mission of uplifting Black women stays the same, but she hopes that her line of products will reach them and beyond.

“Black hair is our culture. Pardon My Fro is about women lifting each other up.  Our vision is to offer women like her products in which they can literally see themselves,” Bly explained.

Bly credits her journey to living in authenticity without comparisons and having fun.