Pardon My Fro Fellowship

Win $10,000 For Your Business

Pardon My Fro is excited to present a fellowship offering to the community of Bethany Baptist Church / Bethany Nation.

Utilizing and sharing the success and knowledge of Pardon My Fro to lift up, guide, mentor and fund an entrepreneur’s start up or existing Brooklyn brand to help get your brand to the next level of success. Fellowship finalists will receive $10,000 to be used towards their business and access to the Pardon My Fro business network.


✔️ Must be 18+
✔️ Any Gender
✔️ Brooklyn resident only or your business is based out of Brooklyn, NY
✔️ No felony or misdemeanor criminal charges against you
✔️ Your business must be your full time job or half your time
✔️ No brand that promotes, or glorifies the use of any type of drug, or contends any type of degrading or demeaning sexual innuendos


Ready to apply?


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Program Overview

This opportunity will expose Brooklyn entrepreneurs to hands-on mentorship, marketing expertise, and project-based curriculum, to help build a pathway for brand success.

Advance in

Digital Marketing

Packaging and Design

Pricing and Finance

Brand Activations

Retail Relationships

Brand Management

Business Development

Inventory Forecasting

And so much more...

How To Get Ahead

✔️Business and Marketing Plan: Prepare a solid business and marketing plan that will take your idea to the next level, one which includes costs, sales forecasts, customers, your desired route to the market and other long-term goals.

✔️Marketing Opportunities: Be prepared to speak about market opportunity, competition, price points

✔️Sales Figures: For existing businesses your sales figures are a basic requirement for demonstrating business traction. And if you have a solid sales history, on Amazon or even your own website, that you can show, that there’s a growing market for your product or service.

✔️Growth opportunities: Don’t over-complicate things. Be honest and open about any areas of business that you may have and need help with.

✔️Vision and Commitment:
The important thing to remember is to stay committed, remain true to your business’ vision.


Step 1: Application

Complete the application. Please allow up to 30 days for review.

Application Open: April 1, 2023

Application Close: April 30, 2023

Step 2: Sales Pitch

Once submitted, you will then be asked to submit a 10-minute sales pitch on your business and how this fellowship will help achieve your goal

Semi-Finalists Announced: May 15, 2023

Sales Pitch Due: June 1, 2023

Step 3: Brand Pitch

Once reviewed and chosen, you will be asked to present your brand pitch in front of a chosen group of business professionals.

Finalists Announced: June 30, 2023

Brand Pitch Due: July 2023

Step 4: Fellowship Finalists

The winner of the Fellowship will be awarded $10,000 to be utilized only for the benefit of their brand.

Fellowship Recipient Announced: August 2023

Frequently Asked Questions


More About Pardon My Fro

Pardon My Fro™ is an exclusive lifestyle brand of clothing, accessories, and chic home decor crafted specifically for women proud of their hair and their heritage.

Dana started Pardon My Fro™ to celebrate women. The women in her designs—which she calls her dolls—represent living life on your own terms and doing it with remarkable style.

Her vision is to offer other women that are proud of their hair and their heritage, products they can literally see themselves in. 


More About Bethany Baptist Church

The history-making Bethany Baptist church strives to engage in relevant ministry that empowers individuals and responds to the needs of the diverse community in which we live. Our mission is to offer Christ-centered fellowship and holistic ministry that meets the needs of the whole person: spiritually, mentally, and physically. We are a vibrant and relevant expression of the body of Christ. We are Bethany Nation!