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Pardon My Fro Fellowship

Pardon My Fro™ is an exclusive lifestyle brand of clothing, accessories, and chic home decor crafted specifically for women proud of their hair and their heritage.
Pardon My Fro is excited to present a fellowship offering to the community of Bethany Baptist Church / Bethany Nation.

Utilizing and sharing the success and knowledge of Pardon My Fro to lift up, guide, mentor and fund an
entrepreneur’s start up or existing brooklyn brand to help get your brand to the next level of success.

More About Pardon My Fro

More About Pardon My Fro

Dana started Pardon My Fro™ to celebrate women. The women in her designs—which she calls her dolls—represent living life on your own terms and doing it with remarkable style.

Her vision is to offer other women that are proud of their hair and their heritage, products they canliterallysee themselves in.