Self Care = Bedroom Makeover

Self Care = Bedroom Makeover
Let's talk about that word that's lost it's meaning: Self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care is anything that makes you feel calmer and more confident, whether that is skincare, fashion, meditation, or even an activity like cooking. Self-care is different for everyone and the key is to find what works for you. 

How is home decor a form of self-care?

One of our favorite, often underrated self-care strategies is maintaining a living space that makes you feel joyful and at peace. When you think about it, your bedroom is the first thing you see and feel when you wake up - it sets the stage for how your day will go. Designing a space that appeals to your senses and personality not only helps modulate your mood, but it can also be a confidence booster. The key here is, it's all about the energy the room gives you.
Do you feel represented in that room? Do you feel uplifted? Do you feel like you are putting yourself first? Yes, home decor can (and does) make you feel like you're putting yourself first. 

Does your space bring you joy?

We often consider limited joy a form of self care: eating a meal we love, watching a movie. But, when you spend time rejuvenating your daily space, you feel joy for longer. You feel self-love in every inch of the space you are in.

Our home makeover tips.

Here’s an example of a few Pardon My Fro products you can easily mix and match for your bedroom: dress up your bed with our Genesis Fleece Throw Blanket - a chic piece who’s blue radiates bold, beautiful energy and reminds us to show up for ourselves and for our sisters every day.
You could either add a matching Genesis decorative pillow or mix and match with the Harmony decorative pillow, with its calming purple detailing that makes a statement against your bed or accent chair.
On your wall, next to family photos and your favorite memories, add your horoscope print in a frame as a reminder that you come first and no one can take away your shine.
Products like these can help you feel uplifted, as they reflect what we feel on the inside out.