A Squad's Solo Travel Guide: Beach Day

A Squad's Solo Travel Guide: Beach Day

Have you even taken a solo trip? Wander the streets, find the perfect street market to wile the day away? Solo traveling is liberating and beach days should be at the top of your list.

We want to see more melanated beauties at the beach. Not only does your interaction with nature help promote serenity and peace, it also helps you regain balance and center within yourself. 

As a Squad member, you know we only do it in style with brazen uniqueness. The best Pardon My Fro companions for your next beach day getaway: 


1. Pardon My Fro's Squad Snatched Set: Just got out of the pool and need to get ready for dinner? We have you covered. Chlorine sucks out all the natural oils from your skin and hair, extra hydration, moisture, and coverage will help bring life back into your thirsty curls. Pair the Detangling Leave In Conditioner with Pardon My Fro's Jojoba Oil Rich Hair Oil to replenish and shine. 

2. Squad Tote Bag: When we say this bag is a show stopper, we mean it. Be prepared to be stopped at the beach. The Squad Travel Bag is a foolproof way to fit everything you need, including your laptop, with the must durable style. To maximize space in this bag, we recommend putting your shoes on the bottom while layering your clothes and then, toiletries, on top.

3. Kimono: Versatility for the win. Spot the Kimono at the beach as a bathing suit cover, later that day when you stroll the street markets, and at night when you're enjoying a drink in the hotel. Each print has a signature style and bold flair - Ziggy, Squad, and Mahogany. It’s the perfect statement piece to wear on a relaxed vacation or even to unwind in your hotel after a busy day.

4. Beach Towel: There is no other way to enjoy a day at the beach than with our Pardon My Fro beach towels! The dolls are with you on this solo trip. 

With these Pardon My Fro essentials, your next solo trip is bound to be a beautiful day out spend reconnecting with you. Don't be afraid to embrace the freedom and fun of traveling solo - just know, we are always there with you. Through the dolls, through the clothes, through the bags, and through the fro.