Everything You Needed To Know About Hair Milk

Everything You Needed To Know About Hair Milk

Hair Milk, often underrated and underused, is an eclectic product that combines the best parts of a leave-in conditioner, hair treatment, and hair cream. Lightweight and unbelievably hydrating, it’s the perfect addition to your hair care routine! If you haven’t heard of it before, read on to see our tried and true answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is Hair Milk for all hair types?

Hair Milk is versatile because it can moisturize, smooth, define, and detangle hair. It can even help soothe your scalp and promote hair growth. So yes, although it’s most popular for curly hair, it can be beneficial for anyone!

Can I use it on oily hair?

Because Hair Milk offers incredible hydration, it may actually accentuate oily hair. Instead, we recommend using hair milk right after a shower. This will work to keep some of that moisture in your just washed hair, acting as a base for the rest of your hair routine.

Does it hydrate curly hair types?

Absolutely. Made by and for all the curly hair types, Pardon My Fro's Moisturizing Hair Milk is specifically formulated to keep curls and coils hydrated, soft, and shiny - to celebrate all curly hair in all its glory.

Is it the same thing as conditioner?

Although Hair Milk is similar to conditioner in some ways, it is lighter and meant to be left in rather than washed out.


What’s in Pardon My Fro Hair Milk? Does it have protein or actual milk?

Hair Milk doesn’t actually have milk. This name is actually an allusion to its milky texture, which comes from butters and oils responsible for its hydrating properties. In our product, we use ingredients like Castor oil and Jojoba Seed oil.

We hope this debunks any and all Hair Milk myths, but feel free to reach out with any more questions!