Finally, for the curls! Experience Pardon My Fro Hair Care

Squad Snatched Hair Care Routine 6-Piece Set


Get ready to treat your curly and coily hair to the ultimate self-care. Because we are more than 4A, B, and C, this line has been designed to leave no curly head behind. We hydrate, nourish, and define natural curls with texture definition and long-lasting effects in mind.

From the delicious clean scent of the Hair Milk to the never drying edge slaying Edge Boss, we have the perfect system for your curly hair care routine.

What you need to know? This bundle spans across six essential products to make the curl routine of your dreams: Hair Milk, Leave-In Conditioner, Scalp Oil, Curl Enhancer, Mousse, and Edge Boss, for setting the edges around the face. Every product has been personally curated by Dana, from the quality ingredients to a signature scent that will leave hair light and bouncy.

  • Moisturizing Hair Milk (12oz): Talk about a thirst-quenching formula to keep your coils and curls super hydrated.
  • Detangler Leave-In Conditioner (12oz): Detangling should never be a workout session. Soft and manageable curls? Sign us up.
  • Curl Enhancer Cream (12oz): Did you say you crave slip-through moisture? We got you, squad.
  • Volumizing Mousse (10.5oz): Ultra hydrating without leaving crusty residue or weighing down your curls
  • Hair & Scalp Oil (2oz): Because every poppin' curl needs a nourished scalp.
  • Edge Boss (2.25oz): A quick best seller! Never drying, lays (and slays) those edges all day long.